Updated for 2017

General Information:

The national camping department is excited to continue to offer scholarship money to help off-set the price of camp!  We will continue to raise funds to lower the overall price as well as to provide these scholarships.   In 2016, we changed our focus to strategically use scholarship funds for two purposes:

  1. To grow the number of people involved in a YFC Camp experience
  2. To help kids who are far from Christ.

We will still collect quality stories of life-change or how the money impacted your local mission in a post-camp report.  This will honor our national donors’ giving intentions and also bless them with these stories. 

Instead of applying for individual camp scholarships on behalf of one kid (like in years past), you will now apply for lump sums. We will only accept requests over $1,000 and for no more than 20% of your chapter’s total camp budget to ensure simplicity, efficiency and camping growth.  The amount should include both HS and MS camping groups combined.

By awarding scholarships in lump sums, it gives more control to you to apply the funds as you see fit: for campers, leaders, transportation, or whatever is deemed best to strategically grow your camper numbers.

Scholarship Process:

  • Fill out your online application. You will be asked to provide a short explanation of why you need funds and how they will advance your camping ministry. We also ask you to include a copy of your chapter’s total camp budget by uploading it straight into your application. Please have it ready as saving the application is not an option. 2017 APPLICATIONS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED. DEADLINE HAS PASSED.

  • Completed applications are DUE end of day FRIDAY, APRIL 14.
  • Our team will then review the applications, make final selections, and notify you either way by end of day Friday, April 28. 
  • We reserve the right to partially fund any proposal.
  • Awards will be applied to your final camp bills. If your group is attending more than one camp, we will notify you the amount per camp awarded as that will be reflected on final invoices.  
  • Post-camp reports on how the funds were used and how they advanced the mission of YFC will be due by August 31, 2017. Reporting instructions will be emailed out beginning of the summer to the contact listed on applications. These are expected back on-time.