An opportunity, within the camper track, for kids who love Jesus and want to make a difference in the lives of their lost friends


Core @ Camp is an opportunity at YFC Camp for kids that desire spiritual growth and relational influence with lost friends to join in. Kids and their leaders will be organized onto Core Teams practicing Share, Pray, Discover in order to grow in their personal understanding and relationship with Jesus and influence lost friends at camp.

These Core Teams will meet daily at a designated time and be guided by adult Core coaches to:

  • Share what God is doing at camp, in their own life and in the hearts of their lost friends
  • Pray for each other, fellow campers and for God to move powerfully in the hearts of their friends
  • Discover through scripture a relational action step related to the daily theme of camp to influence lost friends closer to Jesus

This is NOT a separate "track" at camp. Participants in Core @ Camp would still be involved in the YFC Camp schedule for every single activity outside of the daily Core meeting time

Core @ Camp will be lead by ministry leaders with experience in practicing Core Teams and trained by National Leadership to ensure a consistent and excellent experience for everyone involved


Indicate your interest your YFC Camp Participation Covenant Form and we will be in contact with you!


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