Summer 2014 Wrap Up

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Well, a few months ago we finished our last YFC Camp for the summer of 2014.  What an amazing summer packed with all sorts of “God sightings”!  This year there were 3,361 total people engaged in YFC Camp, which is about 500 more than last year! And of the 2,223 campers, 374 of them said “yes” to Jesus for very first time!  That means that nearly one in every 6 kids made a first time decision for Jesus!  As a team we have just finished several days of evaluation, and came away with an overwhelming sense of God’s provision, protection, and victorious POWER to save!

Now we look ahead to next summer, as we begin to build budgets and lay plans even now. Please keep praying as we look at adding one more camp next summer, as well as dream about taking YFC Camp into the inner city for day camps in 2015!  Pray that God would provide more capacity for our team, and that we would follow where He is leading each and every year.

But, for now, will you marvel with us…in the life of just ONE kid who was forever changed this summer at YFC Camp:

Susie* had lost her dad within the past few years to cancer and her mom is unable to work which has put her family in a difficult financial situation. Before camp, she has wanted to dive in and say "Yes" to Jesus but didn't know how her family would respond to her because they are Jewish. At camp, Susie finally met Jesus. Here are her own words written to her scholarship donor...

"It is the last day of YFC Camp 2014, I just finished watching the sunrise over the horizon from the top of the mountain trail. As the birds sand and the first rays of morning reached over thehill tops a leader read the Psalms, and I felt Jesus. I said 'Yes' to him for the first time on this trip, and accepted a joy I have never felt before. I learned from my cabin leader and the speaker at camp that I was made for more! I was made for more than drugs and 'fun.' I was made to be more than a sexual object, I was made for more than to continue my shallow tumultuous life of struggle. I found what I had been searching for, a thing, a person that I didn't even know was missing, Christ. And now I am able to seek Christ and slay Goliaths because you have been my helper, the Holy Spirit worked through you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and new found soul." -Susie, HS Senior

Thank you for joining us in prayer on this amazing journey!  When we remain on our knees, God is lifted up!

Molly on behalf of the YFC Camp Team

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