Adjustment to the Covenant Process since 2018

WHY IS THIS NECCESSARY? Between the end of camp and when the covenant is issued, our camp team has realized a large volume of phone calls are necessary with nearly every chapter, in order to determine if there is truly enough momentum to offer the # of camp locations/dates/pricing on the covenant.  Between August and Oct there is a flurry of informal phone conversations happening that help us determine where chapters CAN go to camp, and where they WANT to go to camp. Then, it becomes a massive puzzle for us to figure out how to situate everyone correctly, allowing for the maximum participation, while also making sure camps are meeting minimum guaranteed #’s without going over.  We believe this new process will increase the effectiveness of the communication between chapters and the camp team while also expediting the process.  Our camp team is working hard at creating multi-year camp contracts at as many properties as possible, which helps us have firm camping options before heading into the summer, for the following summer.  We are doing this because we want to have guaranteed excellent camping options for as many people in YFC as possible.  It helps us all plan better year to year. 


  • AUGUST  15TH – CAMP OFFERINGS PUBLISHED.  The Camping department publishes a list of all possible camp locations and dates to the YFC field. 
  • SEPTEMBER 15TH – CAMP REQUEST FORM DUE. Local chapters/affiliates/groups turn in a “request form” indicating their 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice for camping properties along with estimated camper/leader #’s.  Also, included are school dates for the year and any other “off-limit” weeks in the summer due to other chapter commitments.
  • OCTOBER 1ST – COVENANT PROPOSAL ISSUED.  The Camping department sends each chapter/affiliate/group a “proposal” for what camp location and estimated numbers they are being offered.  Also at this time the per person pricing will be published.
  • OCTOBER 15TH – COVENANT ACCEPTANCE AND SIGNATURE DUE. The local chapter/affiliate/group considers the location/dates/pricing and allowed #’s and signs and returns the proposal by this date.  If the proposal is not accepted, this is also indicated. 


  • You will have camp locations/dates much sooner to consider
  • You will have to determine your preferences and commitment for camp sooner
  • We will all improve our communications process
  • We all have more time for better planning throughout the year