Good Day YFC Episode 2 (YFC Challenges) from Youth For Christ USA on Vimeo.

YFC Challenges Round 2! 

YFC Challenges and What You Need To Know:

2020 got you down? All these regulations have you at a loss for what to do with your students this summer? We got your back!
YFC challenges are here to break the boredom!
Grab 10 of your favorite YFC-ers... (or even just 1) and join us every week to compete nationwide for a chance to win something mildly awesome and exclusive bragging rights. 

Ya Basic(s):

  • 3 new challenges every couple of weeks (with winners and prizes)
  • 4 challenge rounds per season
  • 1 overall winner for the season
  • Go back and complete missed challenges anytime for points
  • Teams can participate every season
  • Good Day YFC will be used to unveil new challenges, highlight teams, share current scores (Video Above)


The Deets:

  • Every other week there will be 3 new challenges: 1 physical, 1 creative, and 1 “scientific”- whatever your team's strong suits there will be something for you! 
  • Teams can choose to complete all 3 challenges or just one or two
  • The more you complete the more points you will get.
  • Extra points will be awarded to the top 3 teams for each challenge (where applicable)
  • Each team needs a team name and a point person for submitting challenges
  • All submissions must come from the same point person
  • Teams can be any size
  • Chapters can have as many teams as they want 
  • At least 1 adult leader per team
  • Challenges will be announced Tuesdays via Good Day YFC.
  • All challenges must be submitted by Thursday at midnight EST that week (to be featured on Good Day YFC)
  • Submit your challenges by emailing them to or by uploading them to social media using #gooddayyfc 
  • Please include your team name and the challenge week in your description or subject line
  • The most important part is to have fun! 
  • Don’t forget the purpose of all of this to have and build relationships
  • Please adhere to all safety standards and local COVID-19 restrictions
  • Are you extra proud of the work your team did? Do you have a student you want to recognize for going above and beyond on a challenge? Let us know when you submit your challenges and we’ll do our best to highlight them in the following week’s episode of Good Day YFC!


Season 1: Round 2 Challenges

Dr. Smartbrayn - Egg Drop Challenge


  • Your Smart Brain
  • Eggs
  • Whatever you need for your contraption
  • Camera 

According to Dr. Smartbrayn, physics is the science of dropping stuff. We are going to explore this amazing field by dropping stuff from high places-specifically by dropping an egg from the height of your choosing. 
Your task is to build a contraption to protect your egg, thereby proving physics wrong! 
Points will be awarded according to height dropped and creativity.
Videos should include the successful drop as well as any entertaining fails.

Please submit your video submission by tagging it with #yfcchallenges on social media of your choice, and send a link to
Include the height you successfully dropped an egg from without it breaking. 

*Bonus if you drop it on your leader (especially if it breaks *mwahahaha*)



Coach T - Fight Choreography Challenge


  • Strength
  • Creativity 
  • Camera 

Coach T wants to test your team's strength and mental creativity. For this challenge you and your team need to show how strong and amazing you are by choreographing the most epic fight scene ever. 

Videos should be less than 5 minutes and include as many teammates possible. Most creative submissions will be given bonus points. 
Additional bonus points for costumes and special effects.
Please submit your video submission by tagging it with #yfcchallenges on social media of your choice, and send a link to


*safety notice: Don’t actually fight, if you cause harm or injury to your teammates you will lose points.


Noir N. Moore - Sidewalk Chalk Scene Challenge


  • Creativity
  • Chalk 
  • Outdoor space to create your masterpiece
  • Additional props and supplies as needed
  • Camera 


Noir N. Moore is in need of some inspiration! Create your own chalk scene and be a part of it!

You can choose any well known work of art you want for your inspiration, or make a masterpiece of your own!

The main medium should be chalk and sidewalk (or parking lot), you can use additional elements if you would like. 

Include a picture of your final work of art and a picture of the original art piece for comparison. 

*Bonus Points for including teammates in your masterpiece

Please submit your video submission by tagging it with #yfcchallenges on social media of your choice, and send a link to