Project Serve Highlight 17 from Youth For Christ USA on Vimeo.

A Note from our Director of Project Serve at YFC Camp, Deb Smith...

2017 Project Serve Fun Facts:

  • Served a total of 3026 Campers, Leaders, and LST
  • Had 424 Team members at 11 Camps
  • Cumulative Volunteer hours for 11 camps= 31, 920 hours / translated in $$$ = $331, 968 ( NY minimum wage)
  • Served 149 meals, which translates to 37, 923 table settings! Which also means A LOT of dishes for the dish crew J

Along with the intense manual labor provided by each Project Serve Team, it was a blessing to watch how the newly developed Project Serve Core Values came to life.

#1 -Team Unity. Day 1 Camper arrival brings this Core Value to life! Project Serve unites their efforts to provide a lively welcome for campers & leaders. PS Team members have smiles on their faces as they carry Campers & Leaders luggage to their cabins. Depending on the size of the camp, the camper welcome process is repeated multiple times. Even if it is the last group of campers coming into camp, the Project Serve Teams are just as excited as they were with the first group’s arrival.

#2- Leader Empowerment.  I personally witnessed this Core Value exemplified at NorthBay MS, and Clearwater Cove #2 in the Dish Pit. Dish Pit is one of the least recognized places of serving. However, it is vital for our campers & leaders when it comes to meal times J  The Dish Pit Area Leads at both of these camps led their crews with encouraging words, a hard work ethic, and fun in the process. My heart was full to see this very “behind the scenes” team, make themselves nothing…Philippians 2:7

#3- Spiritual, Personal and Team Growth. The Day 0 Project Serve meeting starts with individuals’ uncertainties, shyness, and the overall question, “what did I sign up for?” Different groups coming to serve, but knowing very few people on the team. As the week progresses, team members are sharing their stories, their struggles, and the difference Jesus has made in their lives. As stories are shared, personal growth is dared. Hearts are united. Community and growth are present.

#4- Excellent Hospitality with Joyful Service.  Northbay MS Camp immediately came to mind! PS Dining Hall Crew members went through the trash with their bare hands looking for a camper’s retainer that accidently was thrown away.  It was a BIG trashcan, and almost near the bottom, but it was found! Joyful celebration occurred when the retainer was removed from the trashcanJ

The Project Serve Core Values are more than words on a page. They remind and challenge each Project Serve team member to perform for the audience of ONE.  They dare us to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus.  God’s Spirit along with the Project Serve Teams actions set the stage for the ultimate show- “The Gospel on Display”.

Maybe in 2018 you should consider joining the cast and crew on a Project Serve Team. I can assure you, there are very few “cuts” for this production.  The “behind the curtain” experience will keep you coming back for more. 

Deb Smith
Director of Project Serve At YFC Camp