• Project Serve IS an excellent leadership development opportunity.
  • Project Serve IS a week of working behind the scenes with minimal recognition.
  • Project Serve IS an opportunity to serve shoulder to shoulder with people from other areas of the country all working towards a common goal.
  • Project Serve IS a week for personal, social, mental, and spiritual growth.
  • Projects Serve IS a week of hard work!
  • Project Serve IS also FUN, even though you might shed a few tears YOU WILL laugh a lot too!


  • Project Serve IS NOT a camper experience and it does NOT follow the camper schedule.
  • Project Serve IS NOT the cheaper way to get a student to camp.
  • Project Serve IS NOT for the faint of heart, and for those opposed to working long hours.
  • Project Serve is NOT for people who rebel against authority when work gets difficult.


  • TEAM LEADER: Provides leadership, supervision, recruitment, and implementation for everthing Project Serve at a week of YFC Camp and reports directly to the Camp Director. 
  • TEAM CO-LEADER: Provides a focused leadership on the pastoral care and spiritual formation of the Team Members throughout the week. 
  • AREA LEAD: The main responsibility of an Area Leader is to provide leadership, supervision, and encouragement to the team members assigned to your area. Areas are the different categories of work needed. They are a little different per camp location but can include the following: Dining Hall, Kitchen, Dish Pit, Program Team Support, Adventure Crew, Landscaping, Housekeeping, Camp Store. Area leads are adults and have a small amount of pre-camp communication to engage in with the Team Leader. 
  • TEAM MEMBER: The main responsibility of a team member is to serve those attending YFC Camp with enthusiasm, hard work, and commitment in the role assigned to them for the week. The job assignment areas are a little different per camp location but include a combination of the following: Dining Hall, Kitchen, Dish Pit, Program Team Support, Adventure Crew, Landscaping, Housekeeping, Camp Store. Team members are assigned based on the needs of the camp and can be anyone age 16 or older. 


Project Serve is an opportunity for any YFC group or like-minded partner to take advantage of! This is a perfect servant leadership opportunity for any person (kids, volunteers, donors, board members, etc.) who wants to serve Christ behind the scenes at camp. If you are bringing a camping group of 20 or more people to camp, it is your responsibility to bring a Project Serve group to a camp. If this is your very first year bringing a camping group, a 1-2 year grace period is allowed. You can bring the PS group to the camp you are attending with campers or another week. When calculating your PS Commitment, note the following:

  • Bring at least 1 PS member for every 10 in your camping group.
  • Bring 1 PS adult for every 5 PS participants. Think of your adults as “Cabin Leaders” – adults who have relationships with the PS participants you are bringing (i.e. someone who can lead them well).
  • You will also need a Trip Leader for your PS group to coordinate with the PS leadership
  • Project Serve groups need to plan to arrive at camp the day before camping groups arrive and plan for departure from camp after camping groups leave. 


Awesome! We love groups that just want to do Project Serve! Your first course of action is to fill out our Request Form and let us know you want to come.  

Please note that the ratio for PS Teams is 1 adult for every 5 students. Minimum of one adult leader per gender. Think of your adults as "Cabin Leaders" - adults who have relationships with the PS students and who can lead them well. You also need a "Trip Leader" for your PS group to coordinate with PS leadership (PS Director, PS Boss, Registrar, etc).  


  • WHY THE PROJECT SERVE COVENANT? In the same way that YFC Camp desires accountability from you in order to appropriately commit to financial contracts with our camping partners, Project Serve also has a financial commitment to the property, as well as, a commitment to provide the appropriate number of people to fill the job requirements at each specific property. Without the appropriate number of Project Serve team members, it impacts our ability to provide the best YFC Camp experience possible. It also affects our ability to provide the best Project Serve experience possible due to increased workloads when understaffed.
  • WHAT DOES THIS COVENANT COMMIT ME TO? For Project Serve groups, this covenant commits you to paying the deposit of $100 per person on the lowest number listed on your PS Covenant by the Project Serve deposit deadline of April 15. Refer to the camp website for complete registration policies and processes.
  • COVENANT PRIORITY: Priority is given in order that covenants are received. Some camps have limited space for PS teams. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice, but YFC Camp reserves the right to move your group to your second choice based on space available and total numbers. We will communicate with you if we need you to go to your second choice. With that, don’t delay!