Online Leader Training

Whether you are a seasoned YFC Camp veteran or brand new this summer, everyone can benefit from training. We have put together resources for you and your team to be fully equipped with what you NEED to know as well as helpful tips to better connect with your students and make everyone's camp experience the best it can be!

The training modules are:

  1. YFC Camp Overview - explains the mission, vision, and how and why we do camp
  2. Trip Leaders - specific details on how to get started, communication, forms, money, transportation, staffing, follow-up, and growth strategies
  3. Cabin Leaders - what to do if you are a new leader, what to expect, ministry skills and guidelines for how to be successful with your students, good review for veteran leaders as well

It is our hope that you utilize these resources to their maximum potential, because they are for YOU!

Follow the link: YFC Camp Online Training

**Please note: you must have login access to YFC Impact to view these videos. Please contact your Chapter Manager for details on getting setup with an account. We promise you, it is worth it!

Once you are logged in:

1. Click on the "Learn" tab at the top of the page.

2. Scroll down to find the YFC Camp Section

3. Click on a training module

4. Learn!