Process Updated for the 2022 Camping Season. 

General Information:

YFC/USA is pleased and eager to continue offering scholarship funds for kids to attend YFC Camp! Great news - The significant changes implemented with the scholarship strategy in 2019 were successful. The new strategy focuses all national scholarships to help the most under-resourced kids/families. Thank you for adopting and learning this new process! 

Going forward, we are continuing with the same philosophy of directing funds to the most severely under-resourced kids. However, we are making a few minor changes which are intended to make the process even better. These changes are a result of feedback directly from those of you in the Field. Thank you for sharing and leaning in! 

This national scholarship program is only one tool in the box of many to help students have a life-changing experience at Camp. Please be sure to check out the many other resources available to help you raise dollars for Camp. Check out the Development Tool Kit HERE. 

Important Tweaks for 2022: 

  • LATER DEADLINE: During the 2019 season, we adjusted the deadline to May 15th due to resounding field feedback. Due to the timeline of when Camps occur in 2022, we are able to push the deadline back even further! All scholarship applications must now be filled out via CampDoc by Monday, May 30, 2022.
  • NO SIBLING POLICY: All students who apply and qualify will be eligible to receive scholarship funds, even if they are siblings in the same household.
  • EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES APPLICATION: We realize that not every student’s circumstance can be accurately depicted based on their household income. After students apply on CampDoc and DO NOT qualify for the scholarship based upon their household income, a YFC Site Leader can fill out an additional “Extenuating Circumstances Application” to share the uniqueness of the student’s story for further consideration. Click HERE for this application. 
  • ELIMINATED EXTRA WORK FOR TRIP LEADER: We have eliminated the work for a Trip Leader to tally and summarize the amount of scholarship funds they are eligible for prior to submitting the Chapter’s scholarship request. Instead, the YFC Camp office will take on this work and summarize your Chapter’s request. All you need to do is get kids to apply! We hope this makes less work for you in the process.

Scholarship Process:

  • APPLY THROUGH CAMP DOC: Camper parents/guardians will fill out the online scholarship application as they register their child for YFC Camp on CampDoc.com. Trip leaders will be receiving a link for the direct page in which parents/guardians need to register. Under the “profile tab” there will be a “camp scholarship” tab they will need to complete. The application will be live on CampDoc by February 15, 2022. The application will be closed on May 30, 2022. The parent/guardian will not need to fill out the entirety of the Camp Doc registration (i.e. health form, etc) in order to submit the scholarship application. On the application, a handful of questions will be asked of the parent, including annual household income.. Any camper with a household income of $50,000 or less will be eligible to receive a scholarship for 50% of the national camp price. Those sensitive answers will be encrypted, for privacy, but you as the Trip Leader will be able to view them.
    • Between Tuesday, May 31 and Friday, June 3, the Trip Leader will receive an email from yfccamp@yfc.net. The Trip Leader will be required to review your Chapter’s list of scholarship applicants to verify which students also qualify for Angel Tree scholarships. Please reply promptly to this email as your eligibility to receive scholarship funds could be impacted. For more info on Angel Tree scholarships – click here and scroll down to Angel Tree Forms section.
      • Note: Students who qualify for Angel Tree scholarships will not receive YFC Camp scholarship funds.
    • The YFC Camp Team will review all applications, compile Chapter/Launch Chapter/group requests, make final decisions on awards and notify you of any award by the end of business on Friday, June 10, 2022.  
      • You will be notified about which of your students applied, qualified, and the amount awarded. 
      • Awards will be applied to your final camp bills. If your group is attending more than one camp, we will notify you of the amount per camp awarded and that amount will be reflected on final invoices.  
      • We reserve the right to partially fund any proposal based on the availability of scholarship funds. 
  • POST-CAMP REPORTS: Post-camp reports are vital to the on-going success of the national scholarship program. Your participation and receipt of scholarship funding requires your timely completion of a post-camp report. In the report, your Chapter will be evaluating the process of scholarship applications and providing stories of campers who experienced life-change because of their Camp experience. POST-CAMP REPORTS WILL BE DUE TWO WEEKS AFTER YOUR GROUP'S LAST YFC CAMP OF THE SUMMER. Reporting instructions will be emailed to the Trip Leader at the beginning of the summer.


  1. When can my campers begin applying for scholarships? CampDoc will be open February 15th for applications. 

  2. When is the scholarship application deadline? The scholarship application deadline is May 30, 2022. 

  3. I had a student who would qualify but signed up late and missed the scholarship application deadline. Can my student still apply for scholarship money? If there are still funds available after May 30th, a waitlist will be created. Please submit an Extenuating Circumstances Application. 

  4. What if a family makes more than $50k, but still cannot afford camp? Can they still apply? Yes, they would fall under the Extenuating Circumstances Application process. Scholarship funds for these students may be available depending on how many students apply and qualify. Any YFC site leader can fill out the Extenuating Circumstance Application on behalf of their student(s) by May 30. Click here for the E.C. application.  

  5. When will I receive the scholarship funds? You will be notified of the amount awarded by June 10th. The funds will be applied as a discount to your final bill for each camp. Please note, if you do not bring the total number of kids to Camp that you were awarded scholarships for, you will not receive the full award. 

  6. I had a student sign up in March, was awarded scholarship money, and ended up not going to camp. What do we do now? To avoid an overcomplicated process, we trust you to fill that space with another student who meets the scholarship criteria. 

  7. What if a camper is attending more than one YFC Camp? Only one scholarship will be awarded to each camper per summer.  

  8. What if the camper has a sibling going to camp? If families are applying for more than one camper from the same household, all campers may qualify for this scholarship. 

  9. If a camper applies, am I guaranteed to get the 50% off scholarship? No, the camper must qualify for the scholarship by meeting the household income requirement and cannot be qualified for an Angel Tree scholarship. Additionally, the availability of national scholarship funds is also a factor. 

  10. What happens when a parent/guardian does not have access to a computer or internet? Here are a few options to help you overcome this obstacle: 

    • Have a camp meeting at your YFC center and have iPads/computers out for parents/guardians to sign up. 

    • YFC Leaders can go to students’ houses with smartphones and/or iPads to have parents/guardians register.  Camp Doc is mobile friendly and can be completed on smart phones. For specific directions, download the CampDoc Mobile Users Guide

    •  Print off the PDF version of the Camp Doc forms from our website (CLICK HERE) to have parents/guardians fill out. A Trip Leader or Chapter staff can input the data online at a later date. Please note that the data still needs to be entered online by the scholarship deadline.