Updated for the 2020 Camping Season

How to Utilize the YFC Camp National Scholarship Strategy from Youth For Christ USA on Vimeo. **This video will be updated January 2020!**


General Information:

The national camping department is excited to continue to offer scholarship money to help kids get to camp! The focus of national scholarship funds is strategic to help kids who are truly in financial need.

We will still collect quality stories of life-change or how the money impacted your local mission in a post-camp report.  This will honor our national donors’ giving intentions and also bless them (and US!) with these stories. 

What changed in 2019:

We changed the scholarship process to funnel all National Scholarships dollars to the most severely needy campers. This is a shift from how it was done in the past, where everyone who applied got something. Our previously stated values were around bringing lost kids, and showing how the money would contribute to a growth strategy in camper numbers year after year. The applications were more subjective on the part of the local person applying, and the allocation process was also more subjective on the part of the Camp Dept. We are aiming to become more scientific, and less subjective by requiring new information that will help us direct our funds to those in severe financial need. Secondly, a new concerted effort was made to help local chapters more effectively raise dollars for those kids that don’t qualify for National scholarships.This is in the form of a Development Tool Kit, that includes video trainings and many other practical resources. Check out the Development Tool Kit HERE. 

Scholarship Process:

  • APPLY THROUGH CAMP DOC: Camper parents or guardians will fill out the online scholarship application as they register their child for YFC Camp on CampDoc.com. Trip leaders will be receiving a link for the direct page in which parents need to register. Under the “profile tab” there will be a “camp scholarship” tab that your camper’s parent or guardian will need to fill out. The application will be live on Camp Doc by/before February 15, 2020 and will be closed on May 15, 2020. The parent/guardian will not need to fill out the entirety of the Camp Doc registration (like the health form) in order to submit the scholarship application. On the application, a handful of questions will be asked of the parent, including annual household income. Those sensitive answers will be encrypted, for privacy, but you as the Trip Leader will be able to view them.
  • REVIEW PROCESS: The YFC Camp Team will review all applications, compile chapter/affiliate/group needs, make final decisions on allocations and notify you either way by end of day on Friday, May 29th, 2020.
    • We reserve the right to partially fund any proposal.
    • Awards will be applied to your final camp bills. If your group is attending more than one camp, we will notify you the amount per camp awarded as that will be reflected on final invoices.  
  • POST-CAMP REPORTS: Post-camp reports on evaluating the process of scholarship applications and stories of campers’ lives that were changed are DUE TWO WEEKS AFTER YOUR GROUP'S LAST YFC CAMP OF THE SUMMER. Reporting instructions will be emailed out at the beginning of the summer to the contact listed on applications. These are expected back on-time.