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A Note from our Director of Project Serve at YFC Camp, Deb Smith...

Project Serve 2019 Fun Facts 

  • Served a total of 3,276 Campers, Leaders and LST  
  • Had 440  Project Serve Team members at 12 Camps  
  • Cumulative PS Volunteer hours for 12 camps = 20,126.9  hours/ translated to$$$= $271,713.15 (NY minimum wage) 
  • Served 150 meals = 491,400 + dishes  
  • 118,573 steps in for me at Castaway this summer= 47.43 miles! Project Serve helps us stay in shape smile


Project Serve at YFC Camp 2019- Humility

Project Serve Mission: Project Serve at YFC Camp exists to be the hands, the feet, the heart of Jesus- the Gospel on display.

Project Serve Vision: To provide the most excellent servant leadership growth experience that YFC has to offer.

In Summer 2019, Project Serve had a combined number of twenty-three Project Serve Leaders & Co-Leaders, leading 440 Project Serve Team members over twelve camps.  One of the expectations of our Project Serve Leaders is to make sure the below Core Values are integrated into each day of serving at camp:

  • Team Unity
  • Leader Empowerment
  • Transformation
  • Excellent Hospitality with Joyful Service

We feel strongly that if these Core Values are occurring on a daily basis, the Project Serve team members will have an excellent servant leadership experience. And, Campers and Cabin Leaders will have an excellent week of camp!

The Project Serve Core Values are all rooted in the book of Philippians. The one word that encompasses each Core Value is humility.  The simple definition of humility is a modest or low view of one’s own importance. A few alternative words for humility are unpretentious, modest, meek, and simple. These words seem to be in contrast to what our world holds in high esteem. Unity, empowerment, transformation, and joyful service all come with a “yielding” of some sort, a relinquishing of something. This is once again, a contrary value to, “looking out for number one.”

I personally witnessed, and heard countless stories of how the Project Serve Leaders, Co-Leaders, Area Leads, and PS Team members “yielded” themselves over twelve weeks of camp. Twenty thousand, one hundred twenty-six point nine volunteer cumulative work hours translates to short nights of sleep, sore feet & backs, repetitive but necessary daily jobs, and simply being behind the scenes.

When I think about our Project Serve Leaders, I am reminded of a quote I read earlier this summer in Andrew Murray’s book, “Humility “, “Where He is enthroned on the heart, his humility and gentleness will be the streams of living water that flows from within us.”   Streams of living water flowed from the Project Serve Leaders onto the Area Leads, and cascaded over to Project Serve Team members. Project Serve’s visible servant leadership, although not completely perfect, gave 586 cabin leaders the opportunity to be in Authentic Christ Sharing Relationships. Cabin Leaders in turn, were conduits of living water to campers!

Jesus, the very definition of humility, though He was God, he did not think of equality with God as something to cling to. Instead, he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being”- Philippians 2:6-7

Jesus, the ultimate servant leader.

Jesus, the source of living water!

May He alone be enthroned on our hearts every day, allowing for streams of living water to flood in abundant portions!

Deb Smith

Director of Project Serve at YFC Camp