How does YFC Camp work? How do I get my child signed up?

YFC Camp serves our local YFC chapters and affiliate locations around the U.S. Therefore, we do not take individual sign ups...only group registrations. If you are a parent and want your student to attend YFC Camp - please contact your local YFC ministry site to get in touch with a trip leader for more information.

Is camp for high school or middle school students?

Both! Every year there will be both high school and middle school camp offerings.  Please carefully read about each camp to see what is the best fit for you and your students.

Is it geared toward evangelism or discipleship?

Evangelism will be the focus for the residential camps. This is your chance to bring your students who don't know the Lord yet to camp!  They will get to experience the Gospel through many avenues. 

Discipleship will be the focus for Project Serve teams. These are designed for students who are looking for the next step... spiritually and physically. All of these are great options for students who have been to YFC Camp before and are ready to put their faith into action.

I am coming to camp as a leader and have never had any training. Is there a training opportunity for staff and volunteers to prepare?

YES! So glad that you asked. It is located in our online training module under YFC Camp in the Online Training Classroom. You must have an Impact username to login. Follow this link and continue with the sign in option

What is the policy for bringing returners to YFC Camp?  How many times should a kid come to camp?

YFC Camp is programmed for kids who do not yet know Jesus.  So any kids who don’t know Him yet should come to camp – as many times as it takes.  But please also understand that the flow/basic structure of camp will always stay the same.  Programmed events will change some from year to year, but we don’t make huge structural changes to accommodate kids who have been to camp many times.

If you have students who do know Jesus that want to come to camp, encourage them to bring a non-Christian friend with them.  Help those students reach out and minister to their friends.  Remember to tell these Christian students that YFC Camp is programmed for kids who are far from Jesus and this is a great opportunity for them to share their faith with their friends.

If you have solid Christian students who would like to be at camp, encourage them to consider serving on a Project Serve at Camp team.  This is a great way for Christian kids to be at camp, but they will get to spend their time learning what it means to live out a life of service for Jesus.