This means that you cannot "sell" or give your unused spots to another YFC chapter/launch chapter or group. You are responsible for your committed numbers. Work directly with the camping department on registration solutions as needed.

There must be at least a 1:7 leader to camper ratio for high school and a 1:5 ratio for middle school.  You can make the ratio smaller to fit the specific needs of your campers, but DO NOT make the ratio any larger.

Weeks of YFC Camp are exhausting, and it is healthy to find times when every leader at camp can take a break. If you bring the required leader to camper ratios, the Trip Leader should be able to schedule breaks for cabin leaders after they've completed the work needed to do. 


  • YFC Camp is programmed for kids who do not yet know Jesus.  So, any kids who don’t know Him yet should come to camp – as many times as it takes.  But please also understand that the flow/basic structure of camp will always stay the same.  Programmed events will change some from year to year, but we don’t make huge structural changes to accommodate kids who have been to camp many times.
  • If you have students who do know Jesus that want to come to camp, encourage them to bring a non-Christian friend with them.  Help those students reach out and minister to their friends.  Remember to tell these Christian students that YFC Camp is programmed for kids who are far from Jesus, and this is a great opportunity for them to share their faith with their friends.
  • If you have solid Christian students who would like to be at camp, encourage them to consider serving on a Project Serve at Camp team.  This is a great way for Christian kids to be at camp, but they will get to spend their time learning what it means to live out a life of service for Jesus.


  • Campers attending high school camp must be campers entering 9th, 10th, 11th,  12th grade, or just graduated.
  • Campers who are entering 9th grade have the option to attend high school or middle school camp.
  • Campers attending middle school camp must be campers entering 7th, 8th or 9th grade.  If you have campers who will be entering 6th grade, you can decide if their maturity level is high enough to attend camp.


  • ALL leaders who are coming to stay in cabins with campers MUST be at least 18 years of age or older.  If you have volunteers/leaders under 18 who are interested in coming to camp, please direct them toward Project Serve.
  • Each leader MUST have completed the entire volunteer or staff on-boarding process locally with your chapter/launch chapter of Youth For Christ. Showing up to camp without this process completed could result in that adult leader being sent home. Please commit to the safety of all of our students and make sure each volunteer is properly vetted before arrival.
  • If you wish to use high school student leaders as "cabin leaders in training" at middle school camp, you must still provide the correct ratio of adult leaders (over the age 18) to campers (1:5), but you may also add high school students as cabin leaders in training. Cabin leaders in training must be at least 16 years of age or older (Juniors or Seniors in HS). They will need to attend leader meetings. So if you have 10 campers in a cabin, you should have 2 adult leaders and then you can also have 1 or 2 high school cabin leaders in training.


  • Drugs (including all forms of marijuana)/ Alcohol/ Vapes/ Electronic Cigarettes/ Weapons/ Knives are not allowed at camp. If a camper is found with possession of these things, he or she will be sent home at their own expense.
    • E-cigs, e-hookahs, hookah pens, vapes, vape pens and mods are all included in this list.
    • The use, possession, or distribution of illicit drugs, legalized marijuana, synthetic marijuana, any CBD products, or federally controlled substances is prohibited at YFC Camp. 
    • With the rising popularity of marijuana and marijuana edibles, our Risk Management team has advised us to pass along a notice that kids may bring drugs in other forms. We encourage you to find ways to deter these items from coming to camp such as calling your local police department and have drug dogs present when loading your vehicles.
    • In the past years, we have had a number of pocket knives brought to camp - mostly on accident - as they may be a standard thing for adults and students to carry. We ask that you be aware and advise campers and leaders to leave them at home as they are not allowed at any YFC Camp. If found on site, they will be confiscated and possibly not given back at the end of the week.
  • Smoking (Tobacco Products) is only allowed in designated areas at high school camps. It is generally not permitted at middle school camps. Please contact us if this is an issue.
  • There is no rule for campers regarding bathing suits, however, we ask that all staff & leaders would set an example with a modest swimsuit.
  • Campers are allowed to bring cell phones, iPods, tablets, etc. for travel. HOWEVER, upon arrival at camp we will collect all those items and hold them in a safe, locked place during the week to be returned on the last day. This is an effort to limit distraction so that a camper may have a great experience at camp. Staff will be allowed to keep their phones.
  • ALL MEDICATIONS (prescription and over the counter) will be collected upon arrival for campers, Project Serve kids, and any staff staying with minors. Prescription meds MUST come in their original container, which must display the camper's name and dosage information. Complete details for how to bring and label medications are listed in the “Tips for a Smooth Arrival” section and will be on the Camper Packing Lists, and in the Medical Policies available for download on the camp website.
    • Medical marijuana is not permitted at YFC Camp. 
  • Public Displays of Affection (PDA) – no PDA is allowed at YFC Camp.
    • Beds are for one person. Showers are for one person. Everyone gets dressed privately.
  • Baptism at Camp – It is the preference of YFC Camp to have this wonderful milestone celebrated at the camper’s home with family. If it must happen at camp, you HAVE TO FIRST clear it with the Camp Director, acquire parent permission, and spend some careful time with the camper looking at scripture to make sure what is happening is understood by the camper. Logistically, it must happen at a private time (like early morning) and ONLY attended by people in your chapter/ministry area.


MEDICAL POLICIES // Click here for our Guidelines for Medication Administration at Camp. Also, check out the "Tips for a Smooth Arrival" section in the Trip Leader Planning Guide for more information! The guide can be downloaded from our Downloads & Forms page.